Sports Ministry to establish 1000 district level Khelo India centres across the nation

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The Sports Ministry has decided to establish 1000 Khela India Centres (KIC) at the district level across the nation. This is being done to ensure that there’s a sustained source of income for athletes in the sports ecosystem.

The first category of athletes will be regarded to those who have represented India at any recognized International competition under a recognized NSF or association.

The second category is of medal winners in Senior National Championship. This category will also be given to a medal winner at the Khelo India Games.

The third category of past champions is those who have won medals in the National All India University Games .

The fourth category will comprise those who have represented the state in a Senior National Championship.

In places like Jammu and Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Ladakh coaches trained with NIS certification will be eligible to apply.

Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said, “This decision is a step in that direction. We want to ensure that anyone who has played sport at the national level has a life of dignity and financial stability.”

In 14 Identified Sports for Excellence in Olympics (ISEO) training will be imparted at the KICs. They will be comprising archery, athletics, boxing, badminton, cycling, fencing, hockey, judo, rowing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling. However, Football and traditional sports will also be considered.

The district collectors will be considered in the process of identifying new KICs that will be reached by the sports department of the respective state and union territory. For further evaluation, plans will be forwarded to the SAI’s regional center. 100 KICs are intended to be established, during the current financial year.