Sports ministry trying to arrange Dingko Singh travel for cancer treatment


Former Indian boxer Dingko Singh on Monday requested the Sports Ministry to help him travel from Manipur to Delhi for his cancer treatment. The Sports Ministry is trying to find out a way to help him in possible manner, Sports Ministry told ANI.

Singh, who is currently in Imphal, told that doctors had asked him to undergo radiation but it is only possible in Delhi as he is unable to travel due to nationwide lockdown until May 3.

The Asian gold medallist told ANI that “Doctors had asked me to undergo radiation which is to be done in Delhi after that I was to undergo chemo. However, there is no transportation facility due to the lockdown,. I had to booked tickets many times keeping in mind the lockdown period but it has extended, so tickets got cancelled.”

“The doctors in Delhi suggested I get chemo first in Manipur but he said that my bilirubin levels are high so they cannot give chemo at the moment,” he added.

Dingko said that he also planned to go Delhi via road in ambulance but doctors suggest him that it would be harmful for his health in his current condition. So, Singh is asking help from the Sports Ministry to get to Delhi.

Singh said, “I also planned to come by ambulance but due to the long journey, doctors said it will not be good. If the ministry helps me to get to Delhi, it would be really helpful because then everything can be done in one place.”

When he asked about getting help from the Boxing Federation of India (BFI), he said, “I don’t know whether BFI is aware of it or not but in the past, they had helped me.”


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