Sports Watchlist Recommendation #1 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘FOXCATCHER (2014)’


Based on the real story of 2 Olympic gold medal winner brothers namely Mark and David Schultz who came into contact with multi millionaire John Du Pont of E..l. Du Pont family, This movie is about El du pont’s aspirations of becoming a gamechanger in the field of American wrestling history and providing the America the best wrestlers at any cost, But what if his aspirations turned into nightmares that too for others ?

5 Reasons why this movie should be in your watchlist –

  • The best part of this movie is the use of cold and somber cinematography with scarcely used music which makes the feel of this movie more realistic and in the end you will be able to connect with emotions of the characters which usually are enhanced with some over the top music.
  • 5 Oscar nominations and Best Director award for Bennet Miller at the Cannes film award makes it a movie definitely to be in your watchlist.
  • John dU Pont’s character is played by the Steve Carell and we all assume that if Steve Carell is in movie, he would be the funniest thing but here all the expectations touch the sky as we see one of the best performance of his career and for this amazing performance he got nominated for the Oscar awards for the best performance in a leading role. Shout out to his makeover artists Bill Corso and Dennis Liddiard.
  • Channing Tatum’s shining performance as a younger Shultz brother and depicting how much psychological health is important when it comes to the sports world and how often it is ignored to one’s physical health. Every athlete must watch this movie especially for this scenario.
  • Unlike other success stories, what makes this story a special one is depiction of aftermath of a success is not always fruitful. How even a gold medal in a world sports’ biggest platform i.e Olympic Games failed to fulfill the aspiration of a wrestler and how it affected his personal life.


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