Sports Watchlist Recommendation #10 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘IQBAL (2005)’


As they say, Cricket is like a religion in India, A place where people worship the cricketers, there are only handful of movies about Cricket on which Bollywood really did the justice. If Aamir Khan’s Lagaan is the topmost cinematic masterpiece about this particular sport then ‘Iqbal’ surely is next in line.


5 Reasons why this movie should be in your watchlist –

  • Cricket is nothing less than an obsession not only for the younger generation but the elderly ones especially in India. This movie puts forward this obsession on the screen for the audience and we get to witness how much deep roots of Cricket have reached even to those areas which are left untouched by the modern development and technologies.
  • Story of hardships and hurdles faced by a deaf and mute boy, Iqbal (Shreyas Talpade) who aspires to become a fast bowler and his physical disabilities were not the primary reasons to stop him is showcased in this movie. How the same poeple who invests so much time in the game, discourage this boy that he is nothing but a daydreamer that he would even have the slightest chance of wearing that blue jersey.

  • What makes this movie is justifiable is the natural and realistic portrayal of a sport. How one makes the condition suitable to him when no resources are available whether it is coaching, equipments and even the fellow players. This particular scenario is the story of almost every Indian sports person and this movies is a mirror to our society too.

  • Powerful performances by Naseeruddin Shah as a drunkard coach, Girish Karnad as Guruji who sees the potential in Iqbal, Shweta Prasad Basu as Iqbal’s sister who is willing to go any extent to support the dream of his loving brother, Yatin Karyekar as a concerned father who does not believe in fairy tales. These characters are well put and can be felt by a person watching the movie.
  • Although we know how Nagesh Kukunoor‘s movie will conclude but this does not change the fact that ‘Iqbal’ impresses and successfully warms our hearts and that’s what makes this movie a recommendable one and must watch one too and Nobody would like to miss the cameo of The great Kapil Dev.


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