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Sports Watchlist Recommendation #2 : 5 Reasons To Watch “Hitler’s Games (2016)”

Hitler’s Games, a documentary focused upon the Berlin Summer Olympics (1936). Directed by  Jérôme Prieur, this documentary is nothing less than a monumental collection of video recordings of the games of that year which showcased that organization of a big event carried some other elements too.

5 Reasons why this movie should be in your watchlist –

  • First to be clear, this documentary is more focused upon how Nazi regime pulled off a successful sporting event of that era with shambled economy after World War 1 destruction caused. Giant constructions, diplomatic agendas, running propaganda for earning the goodwill of the other nations is explained in a lucid manner.

  • One disappointing aspect is that apart from Jesse Owens, the most famous athlete in track and field history, no other athlete is mentioned specifically. So for those who want to know about Jessie Owens, they can get some nice footage of him with his achievements.

  • In those times, how camera crew covered the whole event is truly a remarkable feat and they even recorded behind the scenes of so many events. Features like slow motion, recording from different angels and most importantly every game was video-graphed according to its way of playing. So all the camera guys, this is a good documentary to learn.

  • We get to know about ‘Anti-Olympics’. Why some countries favored it and what happened in the end ? Did Nazi regime convinced all the nations to take part ? What made Hitler to give a green signal to organize such a big event? Why Hitler was reluctant to attend and watch the games at the first place ? And many more questions have been answered, so all the history buffs, get this one in you watchlist.

  • Most important of all, we get to see the raw and historic cinematic experience of erstwhile Germany, it’s people, culture and how all of them got affected by this event and what Nazi regime achieved by it ?