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Sports Watchlist Recommendation #3 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘Frankel The Superhorse (2015)’

An incredible story of a horse named Frankel and his trainer Henry Cecil, ‘Frankel Superhorse’ is a fantastic documentary especially for horse lovers and for those who keep an eye on the horse racing. Award winning Director Chris Durlacher made this documentary and did a magnificent job such as a common audience will also will attached to this subject.

5 Reasons why this documentary should be in your watchlist –

  • Witness the Rise, Fall and again Rise of Henry Cecil whose whole life was intertwined with the horses, stables and races. How he overcame from the hopelessness when Frankel came into his life. Such an impact created by an animal on a person’s life is remarkably shown in this documentary.

  • It won’t be exaggeration if Frankel is the rarest of rare horse of modern era, so this can be a good sole reason to watch it why it is that.

  • Life of dedicated horse trainer can be summed up by this documentary. Multiple life and relationships tragedies threw Cecil into a pit of darkness but Frankel changed once and all for him. Director surely did a righteous job showing the emotions of Cecil had for Frankel.

  • While watching races in this documenatry, I realized that it is one of the most beautiful and satisfying scene to watch a horse starting at the end in a race and then passing all other horses like a thunder.

  • What was the career record of Frankel ? How Henry Cecil felt in the last race ? Find out in this 47 minutes of truly mesmerizing experience.