Sports Watchlist Recommendation #4 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team (2020)’

Sports Watchlist Recommendation #4 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team (2020)’

First things first, after watching The Test docu-series, I have nothing but utmost respect for Justin Langer. This 8 part series covers the downfall and emergence of Australian team after the infamous Yellow Sand paper incident against South African tour in March 2018.

5 Reasons why you should watch this docu-series 

  1. One sole reason should only be the GREAT Justin Langer. Why ? Because it will not be an exaggeration to say that he was the lesser talked player of the mighty australian test team of 2000s era. While having 100+ test in his pocket, he deserves same appreciation as  the likes of McGrath, Warne or Pointing. After the departure of D. Lehmon in light of Bowl tempering scandal against South Africa in March 2018, it was him and newly appointed Captain Tim Paine whose joint effort lead this Austrian team when it was in his darkest phase of all time.

  1. Behind the scenes are truly gem for any sports enthusiast. It was obvious that Cricket Australia gave ultimate freedom to the director, Adrian Brown and he used it wisely and successfully put up some of the stunning visuals of the cricketing world.
  1. Despite being a Docu-series focused upon Australian Men’s cricket team, other cricket fans will find themselves indulged after a few minutes of the start. That’s how much beautifully it has been made. Capturing all the emotions, sacrifices players make to play the game, responsibility of a coach, captain and team management etc all are covered in an impactful manner.
  2. This docu-series has lot more to offer. Aaron Finch’s journey of captaincy in ODI World Cup, taking on mighty Indians on their home turf, gruesome tour of UAE against Pakistan, Rise of Marnus Labuschange,First ever concussion replacement in cricket field, Return of David Warner and one of the greteast cricketer of modern era, Steve Smith and on top of all the ASHES. Director Adrian Brown did a tremendous work and put all the pieces in perfect picture of redemption of Autralian team to the path of earning respecting from all the corners.
  3. Why everyone deserves a second chance ? Watch this docu-series to find out.

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