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Sports Watchlist Recommendation #6 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘Resiliencia (2019)’

Directed by Jep Barcelona, ‘Resiliencia’ is the portrayal of injured midfielder Rafinha and his six months of journey of getting back on his feet.

5 Reasons why this documentary should be in your watchlist –

  • To get the insights about how a beloved sport is also comes with the possiblity of injury anytime, anywhere and one should always have to be mentally tough for what can be uncalled for.

  • Rafinha’s openely portaryal of his injury in the hospital, gym and even his home truly gives us the most realistic life of the midfielder’s life during an injury and how one feels to miss being on the field which he dreamt and worked hard for.

  • One of the empotional scene when Rafinha’s father who hilmself was the footballer tells him about that injury is also part of the job.
  • Every injury prone athlete needs to be looked after carefully by the authorities. Numerous cases have happened especially in Indian scenario when a potentially good athlete’s career ruined by an injury because he/she was sidelined after being a liability for ‘some’.

  • As a ardent fan of Indian Sports, this documentary made me realized we still have a long road to travel when it comes to provide the world class medical and rehab facilities to most of our athletes. We need to build such an economic framework which will bring significant amount of investment which in turn will lead to better infrastructure and popularization of the game. If we don’t allow this kind of environment then it will be the dishonest expectations of those ‘medals’ from our athletes.