Sports Watchlist Recommendation #7 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘FORD v FERRARI (2019)’

Sports Watchlist Recommendation #7 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘FORD v FERRARI (2019)’

True story of Ford Company’s quest of making it’s cars the topmost in the racing sport at a time when no one could have thought of outsmarting Ferrari’s automotive miracles. This is a story of FORD GT-40 and how it toppled the rival giant.

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5 Reasons why this movie should be in your watchlist –

  • Story writes itself as it is about who will rule the arduous and grueling annual 24-hour auto race in Le Mans, France.

  • Techincal aspects of this movie are top-notch and once again proves why James Mangold is a master behind the camera who alraedy has the movies like ‘Logan’, ‘The Wolverine’, ‘3:10 to Yuma’ on his shoulders to shine. Sound editing puts every racing scene of the movie in a nail biting journey of a sports car driver.
  • Story of redemption, achieving something what one loves are the main driver of the story which obviously connects with anyone. Ken Miles character played by Christian Bale who needs no introduction is a character to watch out for.
  • The best part of the whole movie? It’s the “background music”. One of those rarest movie where BGM itself a character who holds the movie in such a way that emotions created by ever scene rise multple folds.

  • Prior knowledge of vehicles and their components are not the must but certainly makes the movie better if you do. A man’s love for the car, how one wants to prove something to his boy, revolution in motor industry etc all are covered in such an adrenaline rushing way that movie becomes a must watch.

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