Sports Watchlist Recommendation #8: 5 Reasons To Watch ‘ROCKY (1976)’


Not almost but every list of sports movies is glorified with the all-time classic film Rocky. This movie is special in so many ways that the number of reasons in this article are not enough to depict the impact this movie has left on contemporary cinema especially in the sports genre.


5 Reasons why this movie should be in your watchlist –

  • If you want to become somebody from nobody, this movie can be an anecdote for you.

  • Classic setup of poor athlete who is in quest of a chance to shine in front of the world. This movie was an underdog in itself as low resources, not so famous lead actor of that time, lack of trust among the production houses but still the self-belief of Stallone toppled them all. One should always be ready as you never know when that ‘one in million chance’ you get offered for which you were waiting for your whole life. This movie is about capitalizing that chance.
  • Every sports movie is incomplete without a training montage and it will not be wrong to say that Rocky started or at least gave new heights to the training session part in a sport movie d music enough to pump up the adrenaline in the audience.

  • Character of Rocky played by Stallone becomes more authentic to feel as the screenplay was also written by the actor himself so if one had invested himself heavily in such kind of a role, there is a greater chance to deliver something iconic and that is what happened also.

  • Although original is always special but Rocky defied the wrath of times and flooding of countless movies. Character of Rocky Balboa inspired so many generations and even next movies in franchise which continues till this date (eg. Creed 1,2 etc) makes it worth to watch this movie and continue.


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