Sports Watchlist Recommendation #9 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘PANGA (2020)’

Sports Watchlist Recommendation #9 : 5 Reasons To Watch ‘PANGA (2020)’

”Main ek maa hoon aur maa ke koi sapne nahi hote hain (I am a mother and A Mother has no dreams)”.

This movie is for every mother who deserves to fulfill her dreams and deserves many chances to live those dreams once again which somehow left behind due to so many reasons.


5 Reasons Why This Movie Should be In Your Watchlist :

  • Panga, directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is a tribute to every mother whose sacrifices often go unnoticed and given not enough credit by most of us. This movie showcases the journey of a Kabaddi player Jaya (Kangna Ranaut) who despite being top of on her sports career give motherhood a priority. But her supporting family encourgaes her to make a comeback at the age when one feels to retire.

  • A typical Indian attitude towards female athletes is captured. This movie forces us to think are we really fair that we expect gold medals from everyone meanwhile we are nowhere to be seen in need of the hour of those athletes.
  • Bitter but true angle of ignorance by the people towards Kabaddi as comapred to football and cricket etc is also projected on the screen. As an audience somehow we also failed to acknowledge our most of the sports role models in the glittering of commercialization.

  • This story downgrade neither sports life neither motherhood. This is the beauty of the story as a realistic Indian middle class family’s hardships are displayed in all practical manner and why some decisions are so complex to take which seems so easier for an outsider.
  • Performances by Yagya Bhasin as a kid who wants to see her mother where she wanted to be, Jassie Gill as supportive husband shines in his performance, Richa Chaddha as a blunt coach who will go to any length for the love of game even if it is somebody else’s. Overall, a delightful, emotional film which everyone should enjoy and even convince their parents to watch and appreciate which was not done until now.

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