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Steffie Character in Free Fire

The developers at Garena Free Fire never disappoint their fans with updates. Especially when it comes to indulging creativity in the in-game characters. The latest addition to the list of characters is the Steffie Character in Free Fire. However, this new character is not free of cost. You need to spend diamonds and it will unlock the abilities and other key features. Scroll down to learn more.

Steffie Character in Free Fire: All You Need to Know

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Free Fire

When compared with other top-tier characters like Chrono and Shirou, Steffie is not that impressive. But, her abilities turn out to be the best in unexpected situations. The price of the character is only 499 diamonds.

The look of Steffie in Free Fire is more artistic. You can reduce the bullet and explosive damage by creating a circular protective shield of Graffiti around the character. Thus, one can avoid intense fights and protect her as long as the shield stays there.

Upon maximizing the character, one can reduce explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% (10 seconds only). Snipers like Rafael’s Dead Silent or Laura’s Marksmanship is the best combination with this new Free Fire character.

Probably low in cooldown, this character can only reduce 5% of the total bullet damage firing. It is better not to rely on the character for close combat intense fights.

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