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“It’s always been a priority”: Stephen Curry quashes possible rumors of teaming up with LeBron James

Stephen Curry willing to stay at Dubs

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are one of NBA’s most fierce rivals of All-time. Both the players have matched up against each other in many finals. Most of the time Stephen Curry has got the better of LeBron James. The past decade would definitely be memorable for witnessing the battle between two of the best players in the league. However, the 2021 All-Star game put every rivalry behind when both the Superstars played in the same team. Stephen Curry was a part of team LeBron and was seen sharing special moments with the former rivals. This put up possible teaming up of Stephen Curry along with LeBron James.


Stephen Curry has been a part of Golden State Warriors since long. Arguably the best shooter has proved his worth in numerous occasions. His shooting is a gift and he has made sure he does everything in style. Stephen Curry’s possible teaming up with Bron is expected because his contract is expiring. This means he could join any other title contending teams by 2022-23 season. However, Steph has put all the rumours aside and gave a clear idea.

Stephen Curry dismisses rumors

The Golden State Warriors shooter is possibly waiting to extend his contract in the same team. His wishes to emulate the Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki who were loyal to their clubs. He recently opened up before ESPN’s Rachel Nichols about the clear situation he wants. He said, “It’s always been a priority and you know when you look at guys like Dirk, Kobe that you play against and have heard them talk about what that’s meant. They don’t speak on it lightly, there’s a reverence for that club.”


He added, “You never know what can happen, obviously, but I feel like that’s always been something that would mean so much to me. You want to stay competitive, you want to stay in that fight where you’re winning championships and if I can accomplish both that’s the ultimate goal.”

Curry is the heart and soul of the Warriors. A lot of fans will definitely be disheartened if would have announced his move prior to his contract expiration. He has made sure the Dubs are back in the contest. Currently standing at #9 position in the WC, Stephen Curry has lined up impeccable performance in a stretch of matches. As Klay Thompson seeks to make his comeback soon, Stephen Curry will have his wingman back. Hopefully the next season will be the one Dubs have awaited the most.

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