“I am just setting the table”: Stephen Curry thinks he should be the MVP

Stephen Curry optimistic for the MVP this season

Stephen Curry

When it comes to scoring, Golden State Warrior’s superstar Stephen Curry can’t be left behind. The best shooter in the history of NBA has put on a show this season with his incredible score piling up one after another. Stephen Curry has activated beast mode after returning from his tailbone injury. Putting on ridiculous numbers, the 33-YO has forced the records to add his name to the MVP list this season. After carrying the Golden State Warriors single handed past many top tier teams, Stephen Curry is very positive on MVP talks. The former NBA champion feels he deserves the MVP this season but probably won’t get it.

The Golden State Warriors lost to Washington Wizards after a tough tussle today. The Wizards came up 11-point deficit in the 4th quarter successfully after repeated turnovers from Dubs. Stephen Curry ended with 18 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds while Kelly Oubre and Andrew Wiggins had 20+ points each. On the other hand, Bradley Beal registered a double-double with 29 points and 10 rebounds which secured a huge win. It was the first instance Curry dropped points significantly after repeated 30+ point games.

Does Stephen Curry deserve MVP this season?

Stephen Curry’s number this month have been impeccable. He dropped many 50+ point games including an inspirational 49-point game against the Philadelphia 76ers. This one of the many reasons Stephen Curry deserves MVP this season. His elite form has given him the edge over other players in que for the MVP trophy. Even Steph himself belives he should be accolade with it.

Recently Stephen Curry spoke to Rex Chapman for his show, where Stephen Curry spoke about he deserving the MVP more than other. He said, “I mean, I gotta be, I probably won’t get it, but whatever…I like to be dramatic sometimes, so I’m just setting the table.” While Stephen Curry predicts he might not win it, a lot of analysts think otherwise.

Stephen Curry is confident of his chances with some jaw dropping performance to win the trophy. Despite his wingman on Klay Thompson on bench, Stephen Curry is averaging 31-points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds per game. These numbers are way better than his MVP season. It wont be very surprising if he grabs the trophy this season after his elite performance. Stephen Curry also matched Kobe Bryant’s record most 30+ point games this season. He deserves the award more than any other player.

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