“He’s got a lot of buckets here”: Stephen Curry reacts to closing in on Wilt Chamberlain’s record at the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry on road to become Golden State Warriors greatest player

Stephen Curry
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Stephen Curry has been the best shooter for the Golden State Warriors. More than being the best shooter in the franchise, he is the player everyone has looked upon as an idol. According to analysts he may have become the greatest shooter in the NBA ever. He has got so many points for the team via his scoring ability that he has shattered multiple records. Even this season his scoring ability is back to being his MVP caliber performance. To the contrary, Golden State Warriors have disappointed everyone. They haven’t been able to win without their star Stephen Curry. However, he is just few numbers from breaking legendary Wilt Chamberlain’s record.

Stephen Curry is the second best player on the scoring list for the Dubs nation. He is trailing to the legendary Wilt Chamberlain. It is just 129 points for the shooting prodigy to become the highest scorer in the history of Golden State Warriors. Since Steph was drafted in 2009, he became the most important player for the team.

Not only he excelled as a scorer but his prolific passing sense made him an attraction. He surpassed Guy Rodgers to become the #1 assists leader for the franchise and now aims to be the #1 scorer as well.

Stephen Curry on Wilt Chamberlain record

Curry recently expressed his thought of edging past Wilt’s record. He said, “That’s surreal, to be honest, I don’t know how many years he played here, but he’s got a lot of buckets,” 

Curry added. “That is a pretty significant milestone that God willing when it happens, I will appreciate that moment. I’m glad the three-point line wasn’t around for him. I would have had no time to break it. He would have probably figured that out too.” Wilt Chamberlain’s record is about to be broken by Curry.

Stephen Curry was the reason the Warriors clinched 3 titles in 4 seasons. Many people argue that without Kevin Durant, it might not have been possible. But he still remains the main string that attached scoring highlights for the Dubs. Curry has so many records with Warriors. He is 2nd on total games played, 4th in field goals made and 2nd in most steals for the organization. If he can break these records in future years, he will solidify his position as the franchise legend.

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