The Strider Minecraft mob: Behaviour, drops, spawn and more

The Strider Minecraft mob is a very rare mob found in the Nether that can be used to ride over lava fields of the Nether!

Strider Minecraft
Strider Minecraft mob: All you need to know

The Mobs in Minecraft is one of the most noticeable features in the game and are vastly unique compared to other games. In this article we take a look at the Strider Minecraft mob and its behaviour, drops and more.

Minecraft mobs are very unique and players may encounter many mobs in both the Overworld and the Nether. The Nether mobs are lined with mobs that hurt the players and a few that don’t hurt them. One such Minecraft mob is the Strider which is found in the Nether.

Down below we discuss the Strider Minecraft mob and take a look at all of its features.

Strider Minecraft Mob

Strider Minecraft
Strider Minecraft

The Strider are mobs that are only found in the Nether realm and are passive towards the player.

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One of the most impressive feature is that it can walk on Lava and not take any damage. They spawn in the Lava in Nether and are quite rare in Minecraft. The chances of a baby strider spawning is even less and is 1 in 10 of a normal strider.

Moreover, there is a extremely rare chance of a Strider spawning with a Zombie piglin on top of it.


Strider Minecraft 3 - FirstSportz
Strider Minecraft

The Strider drops 2-5 strings when killed by the player.


The Striders can be rode with a saddle and a fungus on stick by the player. the players need to put the saddle on top and hold the Fungus on stick while riding. The Strider will move towards the direction of the stick.

Its effective due to its ability to walk on lava. Moreover, if the Strider Minecraft mob exists lava it changes color to purple and move slower. They can be damaged by water, rain and water bottles.


Strider Minecraft
Strider Minecraft

Striders can be bred with warped fungus after which they spawn a baby strider.

That is all for the Strider Minecraft mob!

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