Former Australian cricketer Stuart MacGill gets kidnapped and assaulted; released an hour later

The incident occurred last month, but only today was the victim of the kidnapping identified to be Stuart MacGill.

Stuart MacGill
Stuart MacGill

Former Australian spinner Stuart MacGill was kidnapped, assaulted and threatened with a gun last month before being released an hour later by four men. The incident which took place on the 14th of April has come to light now as the New South Wales police have confirmed that the victim was MacGill. While the kidnapping gained news coverage last month, statements only gave that it was a 50-year-old man who was kidnapped.

MacGill was one of the most wily leg-spinners of his era, often considered to be one of the unluckiest cricketers to be born at the same generation as Shane Warne. In Warne’s absence and sometimes along with Warne in the team, MacGill played for Australia and produced some excellent performances. After his playing career, MacGill took to acting as a spin bowling coach for various teams.

Stuart MacGill’s girlfriend’s brother the key accused

Stuart MacGill
Stuart MacGill

According to the New South Wales police who didn’t identify the victim last month, the 50-year-old man (MacGill) was confronted by a 46-year-old man in Cermorne in Sydney. Two more men then arrived in a vehicle and forced the former into it before driving off. Taken to a property in Bringelly, a total of four men assaulted him and threatened him with a firearm. However, he was released an hour later in the Belmore area.

Following investigations that took place over a course of two weeks, the police put the four men behind bars on charges of kidnap, assault and threat. While the motive of the crime and the reason was not known, it has now come to light that the key perpetrator was none other than MacGill’s girlfriend’s brother. The motive remains unknown. With the incident coming to light only now, various media channels have sought MacGill for comment, but there has been no statement yet from the former cricketer.

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