Sudeva FC ahead in for a direct entry in the 2020-21 I-League after Anuj Gupta says he aspires to win with an ALL-INDIAN side

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Sudeva FC might be most likely to make a direct entry in the 2020-21 I-League season.

Sudeva FC along with Shillong’s Rynith SC and Visakhapatnam’s Sreenidhi FC – all are fighting for the spot in the next year’s I-League season to get a direct entry.

All the three clubs submitted a bid to the AIFF (All India Football Federation) after the merger of the ATK and Mohan Bagan franchise in order to fill the vacant spot.

Sudeva FC’s owner Anuj Gupta is ambitious about Sudeva FC’s bid in the I-League:

“Hopefully, the license (to play I-League) comes through for us. There are a lot of things I want to implement. Winning and losing is sometimes not in our hand. But what is in our hands is our philosophy. I believe in a philosophy that is pro-Indian.

“We want to win the bid and post the bid; I would be announcing several things including our plan for the coming five years.” – Mr. Gupta added.

Sudeva FC are constantly working at the grassroots level. They have already laid down the basis for the approaching season including ability recruits.

“I have already identified the players who we want for the squad and we have called them for selective trials in August.”

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The New-Delhi based club is mainly focused on Pro-Indian vision and would recruit only local players for his side. The club Isn’t making plans to recruit foreign players also due to the restrict imposed by the government due to COVID-19.

“I don’t think I would be focusing on overseas players as of now. The best day for Indian football would be when a completely Indian contingent wins the I-League.

“Also, because of the pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty. The whole I-League will happen in one or two cities and there will be a problem getting a foreigner and see what their travel and other arrangements might be. My focus would be to get the best talent in India and showcase them. Give them the chance with a very good pre-season and put up a fight in the competition.”

President Football Delhi congratulated Sudeva FC on their venture:

Gupta mentions if his squad struggled with the All-Indian players, then Sudeva FC might sign a few foreign players in the winter transfer window.

“Hopefully, it will be an Indian contingent. But it depends. If our season goes well, I guess we won’t need to sign any foreign players but if we struggle, we might take a couple of foreigners in the January window. But I would like to give more chances to Indian players.”

“Nothing is finalised right now. Only after we receive the license, we would be revealing everything.” – Sudeva FC owner added.

Anuj Gupta is also the owner of Olimpic de Xativa, a third-tier Spanish club. The Spanish management and staff are constantly helping the Indian club in scouting new talents and recruiting young Indian potential players.

“We will have I-League winners, ISL players, youth players from our academy and other academies. It will be a combination of youth and experience. I have scouted in over 11 states. It doesn’t matter for me where the player has played. I have scouted players from state teams, Santosh trophy teams and university teams. It is an opportunity I want to give to any player who is good enough.” – Mr. Gupta said.

Anuj Gupta aspires to win the I-League season with an All-Indian side:

“I want to win the I-League with a completely Indian team. I think that would be a proud moment for any Indian involved in Indian football. That is my dream. I would be proud if one day I end up giving an Indian player a wage that overseas players command right now.” – he concluded.

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