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“Emma Weyant won that race”: Lia Thomas’ victory denounced by former Vice President Mike Pence

Former Vice President Mike Pence, denounced Lia Thomas as the rightful winner of the NCAA championships, siding with Emma Weyant instead.

Lia Thomas

The recent controversy on transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has made quite the headlines, as a recent win of hers at the NCAA championships took the world by storm. Several athletes, coaches, parents and individuals alike felt that Thomas was given an unfair victory, saying that she had an “inherent unfair advantage”.

Several fellow competitors wrote a letter to the governing body of the NCAA in order to help solve this issue, since they felt this to be a jeopardy to women’s sport. Several famous individuals denounced Thomas‘ victory and recently, former Vice President Mike Pence also did the same. Instead, he announced Emma Weyant, the second place winner, to be the rightful victor of the race.

Mike Pence Denounces Lia Thomas’ victory; Sides with Emma Weyant instead

Lia Thomas

While speaking at the University of Virginia event, Pence sided with Weyant as the true winner of the NCAA race. When a student brought up the question, saying that Weyant had been “robbed of a medal”, Pence had quite the things to say about the thoughtful question.

“Thank you so much for that thoughtful question. Emma Weyant won that race. I know that in his State of the Union address, President [Joe] Biden promised to stand for the God-given right of men to compete in women’s sports,” said Pence to businessinsider.in. He went on to say that common sense will eventually remain, and that women’s sport will remain women’s sports.

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