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“It’s affecting us emotionally” Ariarne Titmus admits controversial Aussie swimming ‘love triangle’ negatively impacted entire team

The Commonwealth Games' attention on the alleged swimming "love triangle," according to Ariarne Titmus, was having a negative impact on the entire team.

Titmus, McKeon, Simpson and Chalmers

The spotlight on the alleged swimming “love triangle” at the Commonwealth Games, according to Ariarne Titmus, was having a negative impact on the entire team. She added on Thursday’s episode of The Project on Channel 10 that “it’s affecting us emotionally.”


The Australian team’s victory in Birmingham has been overshadowed by rumors regarding the relationship between Cody Simpson, Emma McKeon, and Kyle Chalmers. For a few months, Chalmers and McKeon were dating. The public first learned about their romance in September. However, it was made public in May that Simpson and McKeon had started dating and even shared a residence while at a training camp.

The 4x100m mixed relay team celebrated their gold medal swim on the pool deck and at the medal ceremonies on Saturday morning at the Commonwealth Games. Rumors of bad blood between the three erupted when sprint king Chalmers and Olympic icon McKeon appeared to shun one another. Swimming legend James Magnussen from Australia called it “awkward” to see McKeon and Chalmers quietly maintain their distance from one another. There is reportedly no conflict between the three of them at all.


Titmus, a swimming legend who won four gold medals in the pool and assisted in breaking the 4x200m freestyle relay world record, made an appearance on The Project on Thursday. She was questioned about whether the focus on the “love triangle” was detrimental to the group’s performance.

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Titmus says the focus on swimming “love triangle” is affecting them emotionally

Ariarne Titmus

“We all certainly hear about it and it’s affecting our teammates so it affects us emotionally,” she told host Georgie Tunney. “But I think we try to block it out. We’re such a close unit and we want to have each other’s backs and I think we did that this week. “We want everyone to be happy and not going through those things so it did affect us but we certainly got through it.”

Titmus was thrilled with her victory even though she admitted she was “low-key confident” she would win four gold medals in Birmingham 2022. “It’s crazy. I feel really proud and I’m so happy,” she told the hosts.

The “love triangle”‘s trio got down together to discuss the uproar that had been raging around them at the games, Grant Hackett disclosed earlier this week. He claimed that the three swimmers had been affected by the media craze and were eager to put it behind them.

“They’re professionals, they’re teammates, they get along with each other, they respect each other where they need to, and they go out there and they execute performances for the country and they support one another,” he said on Nine’s Today Show.

“This was a story that was back at the Commonwealth Games trials a couple of months ago, and the three of them put it to bed”. “Kyle’s come out very openly and said, this is a bunch of rubbish,” Hackett said. “No one had any problems. They couldn’t believe the fuss around it.”

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