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“No plan to return”: 2012 Olympics Russian flag-bearer Anastasia Davydova flees country, top judge quits over growing rage against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

Anastasia Davydova, Credits: IMAGO / ITAR-TASS

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has angered a lot of people, and things seem to just be getting worse. Recently, President Vladimir Putin’s favourite synchronised swimmer Anastasia Davydova deemed his actions unacceptable and took a stance of her own.


The 2012 Olympics Russian flag-bearer Davydova has now fled the country, with ‘no plans to return’. What’s more shocking is that the 39-year-old is a five time gold medallist and the current secretary of the ROC (Russian Olympic Committee). Putin’s mobilisation order has irked hundreds and thousands, who are now making their way over the border in protest.

While she has not issued and official statement yet, it has been quite obvious that Davydova left for that very reason. Another top judge has also followed suit and quit the country’s constitutional court, in protest of the President.


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Anastasia Davydova’s exit comes as a big blow to Kremlin Order

Synchronised Swimming, Anastasia Davydova, Credits: IMAGO / ITAR-TASS

Konstantin Aranovsky resigned at the age of 57 as the court is soon going to consider the legality of Putin’s impeding annexation of Ukraine. The Vice-President of the Russian Federation of Synchronised Swimming Olga Brusnikina has expressed that everyone is shocked because of Davydova’s sudden departure from the country.

Anastasia Davydova is a 2-time Olympic medallist and a 13-time World Champion. Davydova was honoured las year by Putin with the Order of Merit, and her departure comes as a big blow to the President and the Kremlin Order.

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