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Jeremy ‘ Disguised Toast’ Wang is a Taiwanese-Canadian internet personality. He started off his career as a YouTube content creator back in 2015, when he would post content about Hearthstone.

Disguised Toast rose to fame after he joined the content creation group OfflineTV, and started playing Among Us with other creators like Valkyrae, Pokimane, and others. His YouTube introductions for Among Us gameplay videos were one of the most interesting parts of his videos during the Among Us phase.

Currently, Wang is a Twitch streamer and mostly portrays gameplay content on his livestreams, apart from the occasional Just Chatting streams.

Where does Disguised Toast stream?

Disguised Toast originally began his career as a creator back in 2015 with YouTube. Originally, he was a faceless streamer, and he kept his face covered with a piece of cardboard shaped as a slice of bread. However, he accidentally revealed his face during a stream in 2016.

He later signed an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming where he streamed from November 2019 to November 2021. In 2021, Toast announced that he was signing an exclusive contract with Twitch, and has been streaming on the platform ever since.