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Stephen Thompson is the Karate expert in the UFC. Thompson was born in South Carolina and grew up with two sisters and two brothers. His father, Ray Thompson, was an experience Kickboxer and trained Stephen from a young age. He holds black belt ranks in Tetsushin-ryū Kempo and American Kickboxing. Under the guidance of his father, Thompson became a kickboxing prodigy with a fantastic skillset. It is also where he got the nickname “Wonderboy.” He vowed fans with his skills and became a wonder in amateur kickboxing. Stephen Thompson had a great career as an amateur kickboxer with 37 wins and no losses. Wonderboy started his professional kickboxing career in 2004 and amassed an amazing record of 58 wins and no defeats.

After a stellar career as a kickboxer, Stephen Thompson transitioned into MMA in 2010. In 2012, he joined the UFC with a record of 5-0. Thompson showcased high-level striking and footwork that troubled the majority of the fighters. He suffered his first career defeat against Matt Brown at UFC 145. Following the loss, he put up a seven-fight winning streak to compete for the Welterweight title. He competed for the title twice and came extremely close to winning the belt. Wonderboy may be the best striker in Welterweight history.