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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a Twitch streamer as well as a former content creator for Luminosity Gaming. He was born on November 12, 1995 in Canada. As a Canadian streamer, it has been astonishing to see his growth as a streamer on Twitch, as he has retained the title of ‘most watched Twitch streamer’ for several years.

When did he start streaming?

xQc started streaming at the age of 19 on Twitch as a League of Legends streamer. However, he quickly shifted to Overwatch after the game’s release, becoming fascinated and even changing his name to xQcOW on Twitch. After spending some years as an eSports professional, he became a full time streamer, joining Sentinels and Luminosity Gaming in the long run.

Other ventures 

xQc had a flourishing eSports career in Overwatch as he has been a part of some notable organizations such as Dallas Fuel. However, his career as an eSports professional was short lived as he unfortunately got entangled in some grave controversies. As for Twitch, he had announced his own game show ‘Juiced’ for fellow content creators.