Tajikistan starts new football season, matches to be played in empty stands


Tajikistan has started their new football season in which they will be joining a small group of countries around the globe, where play has been continuing the coronavirus pandemic.

FC Istiklol Dushanbe played the nation’s season-opening Super Cup on Saturday which resulted in a come-from-behind 2-1 win over Khujand.

Although, This game was played without spectators and instead had large banners which read “stop coronavirus”. Both the team’s Players and staff met each other freely after the whistle in the 90th minute.

Interestingly, Professional football has only been continuing in some of the countries with Belarus, Nicaragua and Burundi among the major holdouts. Eventually, attracting more interest from foreign fans and global gambling markets.

Tajikistan has not reported any cases of the Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’. This virus was termed a pandemic by WHO on March 11th and total cases worldwide has crossed 1 million mark ans over 50000 deaths.


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