Talk to the Joneses Challenge: Where to Find 5 Joneses In Fortnite?

Here’s a list of places where players can find all the Joneses in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six to complete the talk to the Joneses challenge of Fortnite as effortlessly as possible.

Talk to the Joneses

A part of the Spire quests, that recently went live will require the players to Talk to the Joneses around the map after looking for them all over the map. Fortnite’s Spire Challenges continue for their second week, and the latest bunch of tasks is substantially easier than the first. Two weeks ago, Epic Games released the first set of The Spire challenges with the release of the v16.10 Fortnite update.

There were issues with some of the challenges meaning some players weren’t able to complete them. Epic addressed the issue with the Spire quests with a small patch update. In the latest update, Epic have added in a number of new Fortnite the Spire quests for players to complete. The center of the Fortnite map changed once again with Chapter Two, season six and the primal forces are in control now. Since the start of the new season, the Spire challenges have been the prime objective of players who are looking to collect the rewards while learning more about this season’s story.

Here’s a list of places where players can find all the Joneses in Fortnite Chapter Two, season six to complete the talk to the Joneses challenge as effortlessly as possible.

Talk to the Joneses: Locations

Talk to Joneses locations
All Joneses: Locations

Talk to the Joneses challenge lets players find different variations of Agent Jones all over the island and requires players to talk to five different Jonesy NPCs located near named locations and landmarks on the Battle Royale map, though, they don’t all spawn in every game. When they do appear, gamers can pinpoint their location through the same NPC chat bubble normally seen.

Some of the locations of Jonesy in Fortnite will change with different spawn locations such as Bunker Jonesy. The other Jonesy Fortnite locations are much easier to find as he’ll always spawn there. Here are all the seven Jonesy Fortnite locations where players can find any 5 Joneses and complete the Talk to the Joneses challenge :

Talk to the Joneses! All 5 Locations! - Fortnite Raz Spire Challenges -  YouTube
Talk to the Joneses: All Map Locations

1) Grill Sergeant: You can find the first Jonesy variant near the Durrr Burger food truck northeast of Pleasant Park.

2) Wreck Raider: Head to the northern part of Coral Castle to find another Jonesy in his scuba gear.

3) Suntan Specialist: There’s another Jonesy on the Sweaty Sands beach next to the RV.

4) Sash Sergeant: This version of Jonesy hangs out near the playground area in Weeping Woods.

5) Slurp Jonesy: Slurp Jonesy is inside the main Slurpy Swamp building at this spot.

6) Bunker Jonesy: Head to this big island southeast of Misty Meadows. You’ll find a big house at the marked spot. Jonesy stalks its entrance.

7) Castaway Jonesy: Our last Jonesy location is on this island northeast of Steamy Stacks. He aimlessly walks around the coastal area.

All Locations for Talk to the Joneses challenge

Players should be looking for a sort of hologram of Jonesy, which makes him difficult to spot. Some of his forms can blend into the map a bit, so it’s better to keep an eye out. It’s also important to note that Jonesy won’t spawn in each location every time players load in. There’s a little trial and error needed here to track him down. So while the article suggests going over seven locations to complete the Talk to the Joneses challenge, players shouldn’t lose heart if Joneses are not there.

Once players are done finding one of the Joneses, they should speak to them and select the Spire option. After a short bit of dialogue, they will make progress on the challenge and be ready to move onto the next Jones. The order players talk to them in doesn’t matter, and they can choose any of the Joneses players like as their five and complete Talk to the Joneses quest.

So let’s go exploring to complete Talk to the Joneses Challenge and find the Joneses!

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