Tara Moore Highlights The Pay Disparity Among The Top Ranked And Lower Ranked Players

Tara Moore, the British tennis player shared some interesting figures through her Twitter account. It highlighted the pay disparity between top-ranked and lower-ranked players through the percentage distribution of prize money. The situation was disappointing on both the ATP and WTA fronts.


The WTA saw its top 50 pocket 72.2% of prize money, while those below 300 received less than 1%, which was typically around 0.5%. On the other hand, the top 50 took home 63.8% of the ATP award money, while the lower rung percentages were similar to the WTA.

This is not the first time Tara Moore has spoken. It has previously accused ATP and WTA of being non-transparent. This was done through an open letter which went viral on the Internet.

Tara Moore took to heart the officials’ refusal to place lower level players in critical discussions. This was seen as discriminatory. “Players included in these meetings are given inside information and told not to share this with other players outside of the meeting. This can then help them prepare better for the resumption of the tour over players without this information, which therefore constitutes as a form of insider trading”


Her concerns must surely be heard properly. She is not the first person to raise these doubts. If the lower ranked players feel dissatisfied with the upper league of tennis then it will be very harmful for the game.

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