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Tata Motors Senior National Wrestling Championships: Vinesh and Sakshi Malik shines

Vinesh has already qualified for Olympics during World Championships

World championships bronze medallist Vinesh playing in 55kg instead of her regular 53kg won the Gold medal in 2019 senior national championship. Sakshi Malik, who was struggling with her form and recently dropped from TOPs scheme, once again managed to win the national championships.

In 68kg Finals, Asian Games 2018 bronze medalist Divya Kakran lost the finals 1-5 to Anita Shoeran. Anita Sheoran, now mother of 2 year old kid, decided to bid goodbye after she failed to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016 made a super comeback today at nationals. As 68kg is an Olympic weight category, with this victory it will be interesting to see Divya and Anita fighting for a spot in Olympic Qualifiers.

Gursharan Kaur, who is a single mother raising a 3 year old girl, was turning to mat after 6 long years today defeated Pooja Sihag to make a golden comeback to her wrestling career.

In 65kg category, in a major upset Navjot Kaur who is the first Indian woman to win gold at the Senior Asian Wrestling Championship, lost to Nisha of Haryana by 4-1 (Victory By Fall). In team championship, Haryana women dominated the medals tally with 215 points followed by RSPB 196 points Delhi 107 points.


Weight Category 50 kg:
Gold Sheetal ( Raj) df Nirmala (Har-A) by 7-3
Bronze Medal 1. Mamta Rani (Del) df. Sonia (Chd) by 8-4
Bronze Medal 2. Seema Bisla (RSPB) df Swati(Mah) by 8-0

Weight Category 53 kg:
Gold Pinki ( Har-A) df Ankush(Har-B) by 7-3
Bronze Medal 1.Mamta(Chd) df Pooja (MP) by 9-6
Bronze Medal 2. Manpreet (Pun) df Diksha (Jha) by 3-2

Weight Category 55 kg:
Gold Vinesh (RSPB) df Anju (Har-A) by 7-3
Bronze Medal 1.Bunty (del) df Sangeeta (Har) by 7-1

Weight Category 57 kg:
Gold Sarita (RSPB – A) df Neetu (CHD)
Bronze Medal 1.Mansi (Har) df. Renu (Del) by 10-0
Bronze Medal 2. Sushma (Del) df Rishu (UP) by 13-2

Weight Category 59 kg:
Gold Anshu (HAR- A) df Lalita (RSPB) by 4-4 won by superiority
Bronze Medal 1.Manju (Har) Df Ankita (Mah) by 10-0

Weight Category 62 kg:
Gold Sakshi (RSPB) df Radhika (Har-A) by 4-2
Bronze Medal 1.Nisha (Del-B) df Anita (del-A) by 12-9

Weight Category 65 kg:
Gold Nisha (HAR – A) df Navjot (RSPB- A) by 4-1
Bronze Medal 1.Vandana(del) df Gargi (RSPB) by 4-1
Bronze Medal 2. Promila(Har) df Jareena (Bhr) by 11-0

Weight Category 68 kg:
Gold Anita (Har) df Divya Kakran (RSPB) by 5-1
Bronze Medal 1. Suman (Har-B) df Komal (Mah) by 8-0
Bronze Medal 2. Raunak Gulia(Del-A) df Simran Kaur (Pun) by 10-0

Weight Category 72 kg:
Gold Kiran (RSPB-A) df Naina (Har-B) by 4-1
Bronze Medal 1. Rani (HP) df Kavita (RSPB) by 7-4
Bronze Medal 2. N. Tombi Devi (MNP) df Manu Tomar (Raj)- Tombi won by superiority 3-3

Weight Category 76 kg:
Gold Gursharan(PUN) df Pooja (HAR- A) by 4-2
Bronze Medal 1.Sudesh (HAR-B) df Sunayana (MP) by 4-0
Bronze Medal 2. Nikki (RSPB-B) df Anshu Tomar(RSPB-A) by 2-1

Team Championship
1st place – Haryana215 points
2nd place – RSPB 196 points
3rd place – Delhi 107 points