Taylor, Gilchrist Believes Big Pay Cuts For Australian Cricketers


Former cricketer of Australia Mark Taylor and Adam Gilchrist said that pay cuts will be inevitable for Australia cricketer as the sporting world is standstill and we have to deal with expected financial challenges due to coronavirus pandemic.

The Governing body of Cricket Australia (CA) on Thursday announced plans to lay off almost 80% of its staff and putting them on 20% pay until June 30.

“Without being aware of any numbers and the financial side of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back a decade or two to the level of payment that players get. Even maybe further for a while,” Gilchrist told ABC Grandstand on Sunday.

“It’s going to get stripped back, right back. Support staff numbers have to get dragged back. The revenue is going to go down significantly, 50% they are banking on at the moment and that’s an optimistic position, I believe. The players will take a whack.”

“There will be pay cuts, as we’ve seen from CA staff, players will be next,” Taylor, a former member of the CA board, said on the Nine Network. “I also suspect that Cricket Australia and the ACA (Australian Cricketers’ Association) have been working together on this. I hope they get their heads together and sort out a good solution for the near future,” he added further.

All the sporting federation has been affected by this coronavirus pandemic which led to suspend all the sports events and imposed lockdown across the world.


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