Team Queso are winners of PMPL Season 1 LATAM: PUBG Mobile Latest updates

The PUBG Mobile PMPL Season 1 LATAM finals just ended and the winners are none other than Team Queso, who took the trophy home with a overall tally of 205 points.

PMPL Season 1 LATAM winners: Team Queso

PUBG Mobile hosts a lot of tournaments throughout the world and its first ever PUBG Mobile Pro League for the LATAM region. In this article we take a look at Team Queso, the winners of PMPL Season 1 LATAM.

The PMPL is a widely popular tournament for PUBG and occurs in all the major regions of the world. The tournament features many popular and newly formed PUBG Mobile teams from the region it is held. The tournament was held for the first time in the LATAM region on April 27th 2021.

In this article we take a look at the PMPL LATAM and the winners, Team Queso.

Team Queso takes home the trophy in LATAM

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The winners of the tournament are none other than Team Queso. The results were out after an exciting League Stage and Nail-biting Finals. The League Stages started on April 27th and ended on May 16th. The top placed team in this stage were the Venture Inc hailing from Mexico.

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The Finals took place on 21st May and went on for three days, until May 23rd, 2021. The Finals were won by Team Queso with top fragger Nitsu as the MVP for the finals. The MVP got a $5000 prize for his performance.

Team Queso won 3 matches in the Finals and topped the charts with 205 overall points. Th second place in the PMPL LATAM was taken by Furious Gaming with 202 points. Likewise, the third place was taken by Estorm Gaming with 165 points on the leader boards.

PMPL Season 1 LATAM: Overall Points


Team Points overall

  1. Team Queso – 205 points
  2. Furious Gaming – 202 points
  3. Estorm Gaming – 165 points
  4. Isurus Gaming – 158 points
  5. Boca Juniors – 151 points
  6. Buluc Chabtan – 149 points
  7. Jaguar – 146 points
  8. BTSport – 129 points
  9. Tophard Esports – 126 points
  10. 9Z Team – 118 points
  11. River Plate Gaming – 114 points
  12. Mezexis Dreams – 112 points
  13. Venture Inc – 99 points
  14. Gillette Infinity Esports – 96 points
  15. Chivas Esports – 79 points
  16. Malvinas Gaming – 70 points

Top fragging players overall

  1. Team Queso Nitsua – 131 kills
  2. Team Queso Ayala – 128 kills
  3. Boca Juniors Rodril – 126 kills
  4. Boca Juniors Screaam – 118 kills
  5. Top Hard TiggerZin – 110 kills

The top 5 teams from the finals also get a chance to represent in the PMPL: Americas Championship S3, 2021, which will be held on June 17th.

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