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‘Team SouL BGMI lineup is going to be disbanded’ says Mortal on his live stream

On a recent live stream, Mortal aka Naman Mathur told his fans that Team SouL BGMI lineup is going to disbanded soon. Read the article to know more.

Team SouL is going to be disbanded says Mortal

In a shocking revelation, it has been confirmed by Mortal aka Naman Mathur that Team SouL BGMI lineup is going disbanded and the officials are looking for new players who will play under the banner of SouL which means fans will be able to see a new Team SouL before the commencement of BGMI India Series 2021.

Team SouL was one of the most popular PUBG Mobile team led by fan favorite streamer Mortal better known by his in game alias SouL Mortal. Started in 2018, this team started its journey with DreamHack Mumbai 2018. Ever since it’s formation, it has won several major tournaments of PUBG Mobile such as PMCO Spring Split India , PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 and several other third party tournaments. This team has played a major role in promoting eSports and PUBG Mobile in the country. It’s owner Mortal has also been nominated for Best Streamer award at Esports Awards 2021.

Post the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Team SouL was seen participating in several official and third party tournaments, however their performance was not up to the mark.

Mortal confirms the disbandment of Team SouL BGMI lineup


Mortal or Naman Mathur is a prominent face of Battlegrounds Mobile India as well as PUBG Mobile. A fan favorite streamer, he has contributed much to the success of Team SouL. He was seen playing different games lately such as the newly released Pokemon Unite. In a recent live stream of Pokemon Unite, Mortal revealed that Team SouL is going to be disbanded which means the rumours circulating around the internet were true. He expressed his regret that the performance of the team has not been impressive lately at the third party tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India. He claimed that there’s a lack of synergy among the players of Team SouL and due to this reason, the officials have been compelled to disband this famous roster.

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Mortal expressed his grief over the disbandment of Team SouL Battlegrounds Mobile India lineup in the following words (translated from Hindi) –

"It's a mutual decision that there will be a new Team SouL, we have tried a lot but there's a lack of team synergy. Everyone has not been able to perform their best lately. Scout and Mavi will stick together and on the other hand Regaltos and Viper will be on the same roster"

As mentioned above, the primary reason for the disbandment of Team SouL is synergy issues among the teammates. Regaltos had previously said on his live stream that he might have to look for other teams if he is benched by Team SouL.

Team SouL BGMI lineup consisted of the following players:

Team SouL
  • Mortal (Naman Mathur)
  • Scout (Tanmay Singh)
  • Viper (Yash Soni)
  • Mavi (Harmandeep Singh Mavi)
  • Regaltos (Parv Singh)

Recently, Arshpreet Gill or ‘Gill’ bid farewell to OR Esports and there were widespread rumours that Gill is going to join Team SouL, fans even started flooding #SouLGill over the videos of different BGMI tournaments. However, as Team SouL BGMI lineup is going to be disbanded, there are speculations that Gill will be a part of TeamXSpark along with Scout and Mavi. It is also important to note that these are based on assumptions and no official confirmation has been made yet. The officials are yet to make any announcement on this and fans are eager to know which players are going to be retained for Team SouL BGMI lineup.

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