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Team XO BGMI roster announces the entry of ex-Team Velocity player Snax

Former Team Velocity and IND player, Snax has joined Team XO for the upcoming tournaments of BGMI.

Snax joins Team XO

Former Team IND and Team Velocity player, Raj “Snax” Varma has confirmed his entry in Team XO BGMI roster as a professional player. Snax will now be representing Team XO in the upcoming tournaments of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Several rumors regarding Krafton’s announcement of BGMI Esports 2022 have kept the eSports organizations on their toes. As eSports has been staying in the limelight lately, it would be necessary for the teams to deliver their best performance through their players. As a consequence, players have been shifting to other teams hoping to get a better synergy with their teammates.

Team XO wins BGIS Grind 2021

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Team XO BGMI roster announces the entry of Snax

Raj “Snax” Varma is one of the most successful Battlegrounds Mobile India players who were a part of prominent organizations such as Team IND as well as Team Velocity. However, Snax announced his decision to leave the team consisting of his former fellow Team IND players shortly after the conclusion of the BGMI India Series 2021.

While Snax’s entry in Team XO BGMI roster was doing rounds in the community for a while now, it was officially confirmed by the organization recently in their official social media handles. While disclosing the news of Snax joining Team XO, the organization announced-

"The DP king is now part of our majestic army! The most awaited announcement of the week is finally here, we are thrilled to announce that Raj ‘Snax’ Varma is now part of Team XO and will be actively participating in the upcoming ventures with us. With Snax by our side, we aim at nothing but excellency in the upcoming battles. Great to have you with us, now lets grind to get that trophy home!"

Snax is going to be the fifth player in the team but it is not known which player would be benched once the official tournaments commence. The current Team XO BGMI roster consists of-

  • Harsh “Immortal” Shrivastava
  • Deepak ‘Sensei’ Negi
  • Ashutosh “Punk” Singh
  • Ritesh “Fierce” Nawandkar
  • Raj ‘Snax’ Varma

Compared to other organizations, Team XO is a new team to enter the competitive scenario of Battlegrounds Mobile India, however, it can undoubtedly be said that the team achieved much success within a short period. From third-party tournaments to official tournaments, the Team XO BGMI roster shined throughout.

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The team became the champions of BGIS Grind 2021 and also managed to claim the third position in BGMI India Series 2021. With consistent performance in the tournaments, it is safe to assume that an experienced fragger like Snax will add to the domination of the team.

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