Punjab FC release Michael Browne and Kenneth Santa


Technical Director Michael Browne and Head of Scouting Kenneth Santa have been released by Punjab FC’s owners RoundGlass Sports. Michael brown joined the club last year. He has a UEFA Pro License and he had worked with New South Wales Football Federation, the national team of Qatar and Charlton Athletic.

Michael’s Philosophy

Michael focused on bringing in youth players into the first team at Punjab FC. He was a big supporter of preserving high standards academies and preparing home grown talent. Unlike most people Mr. Browne felt the urge to discover new talented rather than just buying players.

In an interview He said “Clubs need to focus on developing players. We want to have the best academy in India.  From last season we have got some promising young players. We hope to push quite a few of them to the senior team this year. At the youth level, there are various yardsticks to measure success. Some judge success by the number of players that get promoted to the first team. It’s not only about winning tournaments. It’s also about developing potential talents into first-team players”.

Michael Brown also said “There are always a few 19-year olds who are highly rated and yet they are not ready to start. They are not part of key training sessions.We are going to make sure that their training needs are well taken care of. They can definitely be improved”.

Scouting Santa, Ex scout of Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers and Qatar national team  as well as Qatar’s Aspire has also parted way with Punjab Fc.

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