‘New Twist in the Tale’ 2022 Australian Open to ban unvaccinated personnel’s says Victorian Sports Minister Martin Pakula

Drama around the upcoming 2022 Australian Open continues as Victoria's sports minister Martin Pakula releases statement banning unvaccinated players from the Slam.

Martin Pakula bans unvaccinated players from 2022 Australian Open
Martin Pakula bans unvaccinated players from 2022 Australian Open

The saga around the 2022 Australian Open allowing the unvaccinated players continues to go in circles and has now seen another twist that will increase the confusion further about the upcoming Grand Slam event in the next season.

With Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews refusing to ask for exemptions despite the Australian government allowing unvaccinated players to play at the tournament next year, even his fellow ministers seem to be in his favour.

Martin Pakula, the current sports minister of the state of Victoria where the Slam will take place in Melbourne has come ahead and issues a strong statement that says unvaccinated players, fans and staff will be banned from the upcoming Australian Open. With two of the leading ministers of the state against the decision to allow unvaccinated people into the arena, it is a massive statement against personnel’s refusing to get vaccinated.

Nick Kyrgios also favouring banning unvaccinated players from 2022 Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios is playing Wimbledon 2021
Nick Kyrgios

The statement from Pakula comes days after Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios gave his opinions on the upcoming Slam for which the World No. 90 believes that it will be ‘unjust to the people of Melbourne’ to allow unvaccinated players to come and play.

Melbourne has been in a lockdown for nearly 300 days and has strict policies due to the Pandemic and Kyrgios wished that the tournament went ahead in the correct manner and the organisers should not allow the players who refuse to take the vaccines.

With the Grand Slam expected to start in just 2 months’ time, the final decision seems to be around the corner and if the current regulations are still in place come January, the players will need to reach Melbourne during the last week of December in order to undergo quarantine and prepare for the Slam.

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