Elina Svitolina opts for celebs while partner Gael Monfils choses parents for dream dinner party

Ukrainian tennis star Elina Svitolina has been dating Gael Monfils since 2018. The couple announced their engagement in April 2021.

Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina
Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina

Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina are one of the most happening and well-known tennis couples. Elina, who turned professional back in 2010 announced her engagement with French tennis star Gael Monfils in April 2021.

In an interview, talking about her relationship with Monfils, Elina had claimed that she knew the Frenchman for quite a while as they constantly participated in the same tournaments but there was initially no communication between the two. 

Talking about how their love story began, Svitolina had said, “at the end of 2018, after winning the final tournament, I went to celebrate with my Paris friends. I posted a photo on Instagram, and Gael wrote to me. We met and could no longer part.

‘I go for celebrities’: Elina Svitolina on her dream dinner party guests

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Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina

In an interaction, when asked about three people Monfils will like to take to a dream dinner party, he asked to extend the cut-off to four as he didn’t want to leave out any of his and Svitolina’s parents. He said, “only three, put it four please. I would take my parents and her parents.”

Replying to the same question, Svitolina said that she would like to take Kobe Bryant, Denzel Washington, Muhammad Ali, and Roger Federer to her dream dinner party. When told that Monfils chose to take his and her parents, Svitolina burst into laughter.

The Ukranian star ended the discussion by saying, “I go for celebrities.” The lovely couple is adored by fans globally for their chemistry. The couple has been dating since 2018 and Svitolina has claimed on multiple occasions that Monfils has played a huge part in bringing a sense of calmness to her game.

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