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“Eternally grateful!” Juan Martin del Potro leaves tennis with a sweet message for his fans

Juan Martin del Potro posts an emotional goodbye message on Twitter.

Juan Martin del Potro

Juan Martin del Potro played his last tennis match at the Argentina Open. The legendary player said goodbye to tennis following a long-term knee injury that has been troubling him for years.

The injury began to affect his day-to-day activities which left him with no option but to say goodbye to his tennis career and focus on his personal life. del Potro decided that Argentina Open will be the last tournament of his career and after losing his first match he retired from tennis.

The 2009 US open champion and two-time Olympics champion has certainly left a legacy behind him. He has been one of the most influential players in the past two decades besides the Big Three.

Juan Martin del Potro puts an end to his career

Juan Martin del Potro

Juan Martin del Potro has been one of the few players who hasn’t only managed to compete but also defeat the Big three in important matches. His impeccable forehand was a shot that each and every one of his opponents admired.

del Potro had a career filled with injuries starting from his wrist and then his knee. However, despite the challenges of having an on and off career, del Potro was able to perform brilliantly at every opportunity he got.

He waved off by posting a really sweet message for his Twitter followers. He wrote, “They made me very happy!!! Eternally grateful.” In the message del Potro acknowledged the fans for making him so happy by showing so much support to him and told them he’ll remain grateful towards them eternally.

However, del Potro’s fans would love to be optimistic about the legend making a comeback to tennis after getting into better physical health. He could repeat another Andy Murray and surprise us all, by making a comeback at the professional level, nevertheless, that is far-fetched and we hope del Potro enjoys a great retired life.

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