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“F*** YOU!” Australian Open doubles champion Nick Kyrgios launches scathing attack on media and rival Max Purcell

Recently crowned Australian Open champion Nick Kyrgios launched an astonishing attack on Max Purcell and the media after title win.

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios proved yet again that he is the blockbuster, as his antics took over the Australian Open 2022. The Aussie has proved yet and yet again for his volatility and entertaining personality and has gained a massive fanbase for his personality despite splitting opinions.

However, their electrifying performances and passion won them the title, with the pair then celebrating wildly and getting the crowd going with the help of their passion after their win in the final.

Kyrgios launches scathing attack over Barty disrespect claims and Purcell comments

Nick Kyrgios

After his historic win in the Australian Open doubles alongside partner Thanasi Kokkinakis, Nick Kyrgios took to Instagram to express his outrage at the “media” and Australian Open rival Max Purcell.

The 26-year-old had come under fire on Sunday for an apparent dig on Ash Barty with some commentators believing he made an “extremely disrespectful” remark. The Aussie superstar had appeared to suggest in a statement earlier that the amazing crowd at this year’s tournament was more to do with the pairing of him and Kokkinakis than Ashleigh Barty, who won the women’s singles competition.

Kyrgios clarified that he didn’t mean any disrespect to Barty, and instead meant that he and Kokkinakis had also contributed to the electric atmospheres at the tournament. He also said that he grew up with the women’s World No.1 and always knew about her potential, going on to say a “f*** you” to the media for twisting his words.

“Honestly, I said nothing disrespectful to @ashbarty I said that the crowd this year was amazing and I feel as if @the-kokk1 & I were a big part of that. Ash’s father came to me and even said that. All I said was that when people watch me around the world the stadiums are full. I grew up with Ash & always knew her potential,” said Kyrgios.

He then directed his anger towards rival and opponent in the final Max Purcell, with whom he had spats in interviews throughout the tournament. After the doubles final, despite praising Kyrgios, Purcell had also said that the duo’s brand of tennis was off-putting for foreigners watching the game.

“ I think it was great for ticket sales here but I’m not so sure how it was taken overseas. If you’re watching some of Nick and Thanasi’s matches earlier in the week and you’re overseas, maybe you get turned off tennis a little bit,” were Purcell’s words.

Kyrgios raged about this on his Instagram story, saying that Purcell had no idea what he was talking about and didn’t understand the concept of why people actually came to watch the duo of him and Kokkinakis play, also adding that Purcell needed to introspect and improve his game to not lose finals as he did.

“As for @maxpurcell you donut, regarding your comments after the match, you clearly have no idea about entertainment and sport. If you haven’t noticed there is a reason why people actually come to my matches. It’s because the level & my game are actually worth watching. Next time you lose another slam final, you should just put your head down and try to figure out how to play the big points better. No need to slate other Aussies in the media cuz people would rather watch paint dry than your S&V game style,” raged Kyrgios.

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