“You don’t just say this guy had the most titles so he is the best” Fernando Gonzalez has other factors to determine the GOAT

Former World No. 5 Fernando Gonzalez gives his opinion on the GOAT debate, makes his selection among the trio of Djokovic, Federer and Nadal.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic

Former world no. 5 Fernando Gonzalez recently opined on the never-ending GOAT debate. The Chilean recently played at the Champions Tennis event at the Royal Albert Hall in London and during his media appearance, talked about who he believes is the greatest of all-time amongst the trio of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

While everyone has their own parameters to determine who they think is the greatest, Gonzalez also spoke about what are the factors he believes in that would determine the greatness of the trio who have broken nearly all the records in tennis.

“A few years ago, the idea that anyone could win 10 Grand Slams was incredible, but now we have three guys with 20 and it is just amazing. In terms of the numbers, I’m sure Novak is going to end up with the most Grand Slams and maybe the best statistics, but for me, there are other factors when you decide who is the greatest.

“When you watch Novak he looks like he will never miss a ball and Rafa is running everywhere with pain all over his body, so it is tough to say who is the greatest. Novak is breaking all the records and it looks like he will continue to do that for a number of years. For me, you don’t just say this guy had the most titles so he is the best.

You can pick who your favourite is for the way the three guys play, I prefer Roger. His one-handed backhand, serve and volley and his style is more classic,” said the Mano de Piedra (Hand of Stone), the nickname given to Fernando for his powerful and hard forehand.

Fernando Gonzalez speaks on the new generation

Roger Federer and Fernando Gonzalez after the 2007 Australian Open finals
Roger Federer and Fernando Gonzalez after the 2007 Australian Open finals

With the rise of youngsters on the ATP Tour, Gonzalez spoke about his excitement to see the new generation giving the veterans a run for their money.

“To be without competition for several months last year was tough and now this year, there has still been problems travelling. Hopefully, we can go into next year and have a more normal tennis year because so many exciting things are happening in our sport.

“We are waiting to see if Roger can come back, what happens with Rafa and you see Daniil Medvedev winning his first major. Then I like (Andrey) Rublev and (Jannik) Sinner. They have so much talent and can be successful in the game for many years to come,” added Gonzalez.

With Federer being chosen as the greatest by Gonzalez, it is another legend who backs the Swiss.

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