Sports & Coronavirus | Tennis Governing Body Announces To Donate $6 Million


On Tuesday, Tennis governing bodies and organisers of four Gland Slams said that they will raise $6 million for helping the players with their financial status as it is hugely affected by the sport’s current shut down due to Coronavirus pandemic.

This relief program will target to help those players who are in need of financial support, and also targets about 800 singles and doubles players collectively on the men’s and women’s tours.

“The creation of the player relief program is a positive demonstration of the sport’s ability to come together during this time of crisis,” the governing bodies of world tennis, including the ATP and WTA, along with the International Tennis Federation, said in a joint statement.

“We will continue to collaborate and monitor the support required across tennis with the aim of ensuring the long-term health of the sport in the midst of this unprecedented challenge to our way of life, and our thoughts remain with all those affected at this time.” the statement added.

The men’s ATP tour and the WTA, which runs the women’s circuit, will administer the financial distributions and all contribution will be split equally between men and women.

According to criteria agreed by all stakeholders, eligibility for the program will take in to account a player’s ranking as well previous prize money earning.

While seven stake funds form the backbone of the program, fund are welcomed through initiative such as auctions and player donations.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, all the sports action has come to halt including tennis, which makes it difficult for those lower financially stable players who depend solely on tournament winnings to earn a living.


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