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“Focus!” Grigor Dimitrov’s advice to younger self

Former world number 3 Grigor Dimitrov recently gave some valuable advice to his younger self in an interview with Tennis Channel.

Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian tennis player who is currently 28th in the world. With a career-high ATP singles ranking is world No. 3, which he achieved in November 2017, Dimitrov is the most successful male Bulgarian tennis player ever and the only one who has been in the top 10 rankings.

However, 2021 was not exactly smooth for him. He missed large chunks of the season due to injury, and consequently tumbled down the rankings despite starting the year well with a quarter finals berth in the Australian Open. However, he did have a late season resurgence after deep runs in a couple of tournaments, and would be looking forward to surge ahead in the rankings in the new season.

Dimitrov’s message to a younger version of himself

"Focus!" Grigor Dimitrov's advice to younger self 2

In a recent interview to Tennis Channel, Grigor Dimitrov gave some valuable advice and insight to a childhood version of himself. The Bulgarian advised his former self to focus on the fundamentals such as family, hard work and inspiration, and to stay positive as much as possible.

He also warned him about the demanding nature of the sport he’s getting into, having to handle constant ups and lows. Lastly, he advised his younger self to find a balance between work and personal life to avoid fatigue and burnout. This is exactly what the 30 year old had to say:

“So many things I want to say, but in the end I come back to the most fundamental and important stuff, which comes down to family, hardwork, inspiration, stay positive as much as you can. It’s a very tough sport and comes with a lot of ups and downs. You’re always gonna face some sort of an obstacles or hurdle but  the only way is to go through, so no time to waste. Also, another important thing is to never tie your result to your outside life and making sure to make a very good balance between what we do and what we love. Work hard and be nice to people, that’s it. The rest, it comes natural. “

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