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“He had a big chance to win it!” Daniil Medvedev’s coach LAMENTS missed opportunity to win the Australian Open title

Daniil Medvedev's coach, Gilles Cervara talks about the all-important third set which the Russian lost in the final of the Australian Open

Gilles Cervara and Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev was on the receiving end of one of the greatest Grand Slam Finals in recent times, when he lost the title to 6th seed, Rafael Nadal, in the final of the Australian Open 2022.

The Russian was looking to win his maiden Australian Open title and was comfortably leading with two sets and was up 3-2 (40-0) in the third set, with three break points in his hand, in what looked like an easy win for the reigning US Open champion. But Nadal rolled back the years and scripted one of the comebacks of all time and won the next three sets to win his 2nd Australian Open title, more than a decade after his first.

This win puts Nadal as the player with most Grand Slam Men’s singles titles at 21, ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Let’s take a look at what Gilles Cervara, Medvedev’s coach, had to say about this epic match.

Cervara talks about Medvedev’s missed oppurtunity to claim title

Daniil Medvedev

Gilles Cervara was asked about how he perceived the outcome of the match, to which the French coach said the match could’ve been decided in the third set itself when Medvedev had three break points in the third set. The Russian couldn’t capitalize on this opportunity and failed to break Nadal’s serve and couldn’t hold his own serve as well, which saw him lose the third set, and the momentum of the match shifted drastically from then onwards.

In fact, I passed the time of emotions. There, there is nothing. We can redo the whole history of the match, we can think back to this moment at 3-2, 0-40 in the 3rd set, but at the same time, you tell yourself that in the second set, Daniil passes in front almost by miracle. All in all… When you lead two zero sets with three breakpoints in a row in the third set in the final of a Grand Slam tournament, you may just want to bang your head against the walls,” he said.

But you have to analyze more finely and realize that it’s not just that. You have to unravel all aspects of the match to really realize what happened. You tell yourself that Daniil had a big chance,” Cervara told L’equipe in an interview.

Cervara also lauded Medvedev for the fight he put up against Nadal and exclaimed that he was ‘very proud’ of his performance throughout the tournament.

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