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“Her imprint on the sport of tennis is priceless” Aunjanue Ellis speaks on the Contribution of mother Oracene Price in the lives of the Williams Sisters

Actress Aunjanue Ellis acknowledges the role of Oracene Price in the building of G.O.A.T Williams sisters.

Serena and Venus Williams

King Richard was one of the best sports movies of last year. Till now the movie is getting lots of Oscar Buzz. The movie revolves around the early life of the greatest tennis players of all times, Serena and Venus Williams and their father Richard Williams and mother Oracene Price. The roles of young Serena and Venus were played by Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney. Will Smith played the role of Richard Williams and Aunjanue Ellis enacted the role of Oracene Price.

The movie was mainly about Richard Williams but their mother’s part was also not ignored and the fact that she improved Serena’s serve was also shown.

Aunjanue Ellis speaks on Oracene Price’ influence on Williams sisters

Serena Williams, Venus Williams with Mother Oracene Price (Middle)

In a recent interview, the actress who played the role of Oracene Price in the movie King Richard acknowledged the contribution of Oracene in the lives of Serena and Venus. She said that before the movie she only thought that Oracene was only the mother sitting in the stands and supporting their daughters.

She stated, “There’re gonna be so many more movies that are gonna be done about Venus and Serena… but how many times are we gonna get a chance to tell Ms. Oracene Price’s story, while she’s alive.”

“That is something completely out of my hands (smiling)… I’m just so excited that I’m a part of something that gives us, this country, a chance to give Ms. Oracene Price her flowers… Her imprint on the sport of tennis… is priceless,” the actress said.

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