“The whole world doesn’t want to watch Roger lose,” Hubert Hurkacz’s coach recalls Wimbledon 2021

“The whole world doesn’t want to watch Roger lose,” Hubert Hurkacz’s coach recalls Wimbledon 2021

Hubert Horkacz and Roger Federer in Wimbledon 2021

The Wimbledon 2021 has been a roller coaster ride for not just the players but also their fans around the world. While there were some matches the results of which audience had expected, there were some other matches which became an element of surprise for them. These matches made some fans happy but others were left in shock.

One of these matches was the Wimbledon Quaterfinal match of 20-time grand slam champion Roger Federer against World No.9 Polish player Hubert Hurkacz. The match got an interesting turn when Hubert beat Roger with a score of 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-0. This left Roger’s fans in shock and their reactions made is quite clear that they did not want their tennis star to loose.

The field beacme so loud that even the players were not able to hear themselves. But Craig Boynton, the coach of Hurkacz had already made him aware of such situation.

“I told him what’s coming with that match against Roger [Federer] like this is what’s coming,” Boynton said in the latest episode of The ATP Tennis Radio Podcast. “I mean, you’re not gonna be able to hear yourself. The whole world doesn’t want to watch Roger lose.”

The Polish players reaction after the win showed how surprised he was despite what his coach said him. “And then he says to me, after the match, CB did you hear how loud it was,” Recalls the Coach.

“Figuring things out for themselves,” Is what Hubert Hurkacz has to do says Craig

Hubert Horkacz
Hubert Horkacz

Though the win of Hubert againt the tennis legend Roger Federer was a very big achievement for him and would help the Polish player build confidence, but there is something other his coach thinks.

According to coach Craig, every player, including Hurkacz have to start thinking their way out on their own, rather than depending on their coach. “He’s gotta learn that and understand that he’s really good,” Boynton said. “Because it’s just his self confidence. As parents, we want our kids to be self confident and we can tell them.”

Craig can be his guiding light but cannot be his decision maker always, the player has to start “Figuring things out for themselves,” At some point. “But there’s no substitute for them going out and figuring things out for themselves,” he said. “And having that is an accomplishment, which will then build confidence.”

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