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“I know I’ve been out of line” Sergiy Stakhovsky expresses gratitude to his colleagues for support amidst the Ukraine-Russia war.

Sergiy Stakhovsky tweeted a note of thanks to all who supported and encouraged his decision and views on the current global crisis.

Sergiy Stakhovsky on Russia-Ukraine war

Former Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky declared his decision to enlist in Ukraine’s military reserves last week and protect his homeland to his utmost efforts, claiming the admiration and support of thousands of fans around the globe joining him in his attempt to fight against Russia’s invasion.

The four-time ATP title winner who retired in 2022 is popularly known for his epic surprise win in the 2nd round of the 2013 Wimbledon Open against the crowd’s favourite and grand slam champion Roger Federer. Stakhovsky has been highly active on Twitter and openly voicing out his disagreement with Russia’s action towards Ukraine.

Sergiy Stakhovsky, thankful for encouraging messages.

Sergiy Stakhovsky

“I would like to thank to all the tennis players around the world for their support! For your messages!” says the Ukrainian after receiving many supportive messages on his decision to join his country in their fight for freedom.

Stakhovsky is infamous for his homophobic comments and his behaviour towards certain players and umpires, for which he added, “Guys, I know I’ve been sometimes out of line during our encounters. I just hate losing.” He continues, “Please continue to spread the word about war which Russia is waging in Ukraine.”

Stakhovsky’s previous remarks on the current crisis

Every few hours, the 36-year old tweets on fighting against Russians. In an interview with Sky News, the Ukranian confessed, “Of course, I would fight, it’s the only reason I’m trying to get back.” He displays his grit and determination through his actions and not just words.
“I signed up for the reserves last week. I don’t have military experience, but I do have experience with a gun privately.”

Stakhovsky makes a clear statement regarding his views on how things were and how things are. “It makes the world of difference to our armed forces that they are not alone, at least in a media environment, but let’s be realistic here, it’s been eight years of war with Russia, where was all of this for eight years? None of us believed that this could happen, and yet it happened.

“None of the European leaders or the world is ready to help, ready to put the fight in Ukraine maybe for a better Europe in the future, because once Ukraine is lost, we will resist. But let’s be realistic, Russia is a 140 million country which spreads from Europe all the way back to Alaska, It’s going to be very hard to resist that much,” said Sergiy.

The Ukrainian also spoke on the Republic TV where he claimed “Of course, we all are hopeful of some resolution but laying down arms and surrendering Ukraine is not the resolution that the Ukrainian president is gonna accept. And I am very doubtful that Russia is gonna accept any other terms so the rest of the world is gonna engage and make sure that Russia feels the consequences of an invasion of a certain country.”

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