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Former British No.1 gives her verdict regarding Andy Murray’s return to the tour, as RETIREMENT RUMOURS fire up again!

Johanna Konta believes that this isn't the last we will see of Andy Murray, as the Brit will be back next year.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray’s future as a tennis player is up in the air, amidst speculation that the Brit is contemplating retirement following his second-round exit at the Australian Open 2022. The 2-time grand slam champion expressed his desires on competing in Melbourne again next year, but he might consider retiring if his performance doesn’t improve.

“Yeah. I mean, yeah. But not if I do what I did tonight too often this season. This is a really important year for me for a number of reasons, and I want to perform well in the big events. For me, tonight is not good enough in that respect,” said Murray.

Johanna Konta speaks about Murray’s future on tour

Andy Murray

Johanna Konta gave her opinion regarding Murray’s future after his exit at the Australian Open. “What we know of Andy is that he expects the best from himself. That’s regardless of what’s going on around. He knows himself, so it’s fair for him to do whatever he thinks is fair for him if that makes sense. From the outside, we’re just really happy to see him playing, we’re just really happy to see him out there, so long may that continue,” she said.

The former British No.1 said it is important to bounce back from a loss and look forward to the next match and firmly believes Murray will keep playing till the foreseeable future.

“It differs in lengths with how hard you take some losses and how long it takes you to recover from them. I think all of them do become easier in time, but obviously it depends how quickly you then move on to your next tournament, your next match. He’ll definitely be looking to improve on how he played and what he was doing out on court, and really trying to be better in the next match that he plays,” she said.

“To be honest, I would think that we’ll still see Andy next year. However, this conversation [about retirement] has been ongoing for a number of years now for obvious reasons. But I do think Andy Murray will keep playing while Andy Murray wants to keep playing,” she added.

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