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“It was the weirdest thing” Ben Stiller breaks silence over the Indian Wells incident involving Nick Kyrgios

Weeks after being dragged into a fight with a fan by Nick Kyrgios at the 2022 Indian Wells Masters, Ben Stiller gives his own version of the events.

Nick Kyrgios and Ben Stiller

Nick Kyrgios showed his talent and skills once again during the Sunshine Double as he reached the quarter-finals in the 2022 Indian Wells Masters and the 4th round in the 2022 Miami Masters. Both the tournaments showcased the complete character of Nick, a fantastic player with attitude problems that resulted in him being fined $60,000 across the two events.

One such incident of Nick involved the legendary Hollywood actor Ben Stiller who was in attendance for the Australian’s quarter-final clash with Rafael Nadal which was arguably one of the best matches of the tournament. While Nick went on to lose the match against Nadal, it had its fair share of moments of glory for them.

Nick however had an ugly incident involving a fan as well. With the fan continuously disturbing the Australian during the service, Nick stopped and asked him if knew tennis better than him. Nick later pointed to Ben in the stands and asked the fans, “Do I teach him how to act.” Ben did not react other than a grin, the actor recently broke the silence on the incident.

“It was the weirdest thing, basically what happened was Nick Kyrgios, he talks to himself a lot during the matches and he kept on saying, ‘Oh man get your first serve in, get your first serve in.’ And there was a gentleman next to me who decided when he started to serve to tell him, ‘Yeah get your first serve in.’ So Nick Kyrgios turns and goes, ‘What do you…Why are you talking to me? Do you play tennis? Are you a good tennis player?’ And the guy’s like, ‘No’.”

“And then he looks at me and goes, ‘Do I tell him how to act?’ And I didn’t even quite hear it, so I thought he might have been talking to me – and then that was it, then apparently it went viral,” said Stiller speaking with host and comedian Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

Nick Kyrgios continues to be involved in controversy

Nick Kyrgios

After the Ben Stiller incident in the Indian Wells, Kyrgios had another issue in the Miami Gardens involved in a fight with the chair umpire. Post the hardcourt season, he played his only Claycourt tournament, at the 2022 Houston Claycourt Championships where another incident involving Nick and the umpire over a wrong line call that saw Nick fail to reach the finals in the tournament.

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