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‘Why should the umpire criticize you because you miss a forehand?’ Casper Ruud Demands an end to ‘Reckless Behavior’ on the ATP Tour, calls out Nick Kyrgios

Casper Ruud calls out Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev for their inappropriate on-court behavior.

Casper Ruud and Nick kyrgios

After unfortunate events this year involving Nick Kyrgios and Alexander Zverev, Casper Ruud has called for an end to “reckless behavior” on the ATP Tour.

After slamming his racquet against an umpire’s chair at the Mexican Open, Zverev was banned, while Kyrgios almost struck a ball boy with a racquet he shattered on the floor at Indian Wells. American Jenson Brooksby smacked a ball boy with a racquet he tossed in fury in Miami, while Kyrgios was fined for emotional outbursts at Indian Wells and the Miami Open.

The ATP has declared that players would face “stricter sanctions,” which world No. 36 Alexander Bublik believes will place players in “cages.” World No. 7 Casper Ruud, on the other hand, agrees to the change. The Norweigian then said, “I think those two cases, even though they looked very bad, were a bit unfortunate and, in a way, unlucky because I don’t think Nick intentionally hit his racket to the ground to try to bounce it up,” the Norwegian added.

He also addressed the players’ contempt for umpires, noting that officials are performing their jobs to the best of their abilities and should be forgiven for human faults, just as players do. The World no. 7 said, “Most of the time, the umpires, they just do their best job anytime they can. Sometimes, you need to just accept that some human errors will be made because all the players, do errors themselves. It’s the same as why should the umpire criticize you because you miss a forehand?”

This comes right after Nick Kyrgios’s outbursts which have made him more infamous than for his skills.

Nick Kyrgios and Casper Ruud’s future journey

Nick Kyrgios

A handful of tennis players have had dramatic outbursts on the court in the last few weeks. While the ATP issued sanctions, fans and analysts believed the penalties were ineffective. In his Round of 16 matches against Jannik Sinner in Miami, Nick Kyrgios had another breakdown, berating referee Carlos Bernardes repeatedly. The most recent outburst was when he played against Opelka- but this time the umpire admitted he made a mistake. When the incident occurred, Kyrgios was clinging to a five-all tie in the second set after losing the first 6-3.

When he had a tantrum after Reilly Opelka‘s return went beyond the baseline but wasn’t ruled out by umpire Joshua Brace, the score was 30-all. Kyrgios dropped the following point due to an unforced fault and was subsequently penalized the game-winning point for a second audible obscenity. He then asked, ‘What do you mean, you don’t know from there? Where are you supposed to see it from?’ 

‘It was out, bro! ‘He wins that point when the ball was out. What are you guys actually doing out here?’

He then yelled ‘F***!’ after losing the next point, was penalized, and lost the game, which kicked things up a notch or two. All these atrocities don’t showcase tennis at the best of the best and bring negative publicity.

Do you think Casper Ruud is right in saying that stricter rules should be implemented?

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