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“JESUS was CRUCIFIED. In the same way, they try to CRUCIFY NOVAK,” says Novak Djokovic’s father as he COMPARES his son to JESUS!!

Novak Djokovic's father compares his son to JESUS!

Novak Djokovic and Srđan Đoković

Novak Djokovic’s father Srđan Đoković was outraged by the events that transpired in Australia. At a press conference held by him in Serbia, he said “JESUS was CRUCIFIED. In the same way, they try to CRUCIFY NOVAK,”


Novak Djokovic after getting his VISA canceled by the authorities at the Melbourne Airport threatened legal action against the Australian Government. Until the final decision regarding Djokovic’s deportation will be made the world No.1 has been allowed to stay in a quarantine hotel.

However, this wasn’t acceptable to Djokovic’s father who had already issued a warning to the Australian Government. He conducted a press conference in Serbia. Where they ordered the Australian government to, Firstly, Release Novak and admit their mistake and Secondly, to Deport him back to Serbia.


“Just like Jesus, Novak Djokovic will endure Crucification,” says Srđan Đoković

Novak Djokovand Srdjan Djokovic

Novak Djokovic’s father Srđan Đoković in the press conference made a lot of bold statements about his son. Before, he had given an Open warning to the Australian Government to deport his son back to Serbia.

However, this time along Srđan Đoković had much more to say about the kerfuffle. He began by ordering the Australian government to release Djokovic and admit that they were the ones who made the mistake. He also ordered them to Deport his son back to Serbia.

After that, he called the move to detain Djokovic at the airport was made to bring his son to his knees. According to him, the Australians wanted to dishonor Djokovic and Serbia, he said, “They wanted to underestimate him and bring him to his knees, as well as our country. We are Serbs! We are a proud European, civilized nation.”

After this Srđan Đoković began to compare his son to JESUS. He said, “Jesus was crucified – he endured and is still alive among us! In the same way, they try to crucify Novak and throw him to his knees.”

According to statements by Novak Djokovic’s parents the world No.1 is being treated like a prisoner in Australia. His father added, “Novak is not in custody, he is in prison! He has nothing to change, he can’t wash, they took everything from him! Our pride is a prisoner of those bastards! Shame on them!”

His father even talked about the hypocritical nature of the Australian Government, he said, “Novak Djokovic did not violate any law that was established by the federal authorities of Australia. He communicated with them all the time and together they came to an exception. Novak had the same document as several other tennis players who are already there, and he is the only one who was kept at the border. Every possible protocol was followed.

According to Novak’s dad, this was done just to SCAPEGOAT the world No.1 due to the political climate in the country. He said “Harassing Novak is a serious diplomatic offense! He was taken to an isolation room and was questioned by border police. His mobile phone was confiscated and his communication was disabled for three and a half hours.”

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