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Serena Willams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou Applauds Russian Tennis Stars for Speaking Up on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War

Patrick Mouratoglou speaks in-depth about the involvement of tennis players in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Patrick Mouratoglou

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has had a huge negative impact on the entire world. People across the globe are condemning the Russians, especially their president for creating the war situation. Everywhere people are praying for the well-being and safety of the citizens of Ukraine and Russia.

But this war has not even left the Tennis world from it. Russian athletes are being banned by international organizations like the ITF, WTA, and the ATP because of the war. But these athletes have made it clear that they are with peace and strongly condemn the war.

Patrick Mouratoglou Speaks on Russian Athletes

Patrick Mouratoglou

Many famous celebrities and tennis stars have expressed their views on the war and the courage shown by Russian athletes. One of these is legendary coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who is the coach of G.O.A.T Serena Williams. Patrick not only uploaded the athletes but also said how risky it is for them to speak up against their president.

“So those athletes by taking a position against the war, they are in a way, going against the decisions against the Russian government. They put themselves at risk by doing that. So we have to also pay tribute and respect to the courage that they have by saying things publically, which I think they’ve the right to do but you need to have the courage to do it and you have to accept the consequences to be maybe not welcome in your own country,” Mouratoglou said.

He further said that even the players are affected by war tennis-wise but suspending Russian players will b every very unfair. “I don’t think that Daniil will be, but tennis-wise affected by the fact there is war between Russia and Ukraine. I think that on a personal or emotional side he might be, but I don’t think it’s going to affect his level of play. The real risk is that the ITF, ATP, and WTA, decide to suspend Russian players from playing tennis, which I would find really unfair,” he said.

“Especially players who have clearly expressed the fact that they were 100% against war. Why would they be condemned for what their country…I mean it’s not even their country, the president of their country decided to do. Which has nothing to do with them,” he added.

“All the countries are trying to aim at Russia or hurt Russia one way or the other and have the population go against Putin. That’s their ultimate goal. And I believe that everybody feels that if all the Russians in any area get hit back because of what Putin is doing, maybe the population will start to go against Putin. I get it, I still think it would be very unfair. I believe that using other ways than attacking and suspending athletes that are extremely clear on their position. I don’t think it’s fair,” he concluded.

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