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“Let me know the best address to send help” Sergiy Stakhovsky shares Novak Djokovic’s message to him

Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky shares screenshot of his conversation with Novak Djokovic who asked about his well being.

Novak Djokovic and Sergiy Stakhvosky

Former Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky is one of the many Ukrainian civilians who has chosen to take up arms and fight against the Russian aggression that began on 24th February starting a war in Ukraine. The former Pro has been quite active on his social media handles tweeting and posting things about the war and conditions of the people in hopes of raising awareness to bring a stop to the war.

Amidst many of his posting, he also spoke about how Novak Djokovic reached out to him as the war broke out. Sergiy also took shots at Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal over their silence and highlighted that despite Djokovic having some difficult time on the Tour currently, he made sure to reach his former colleague.

Sergiy recently shared a screenshot of the conversation between the two players that was then further shared by L’Equipe’s reporter Quentin Moynet. In the message, Novak wrote, “Stako how are you my man? Are you on the field? Thinking of you … hoping all calms down soon. Please let me know what would be the best address to send help.. financial help, any other help as well.”

While Sergiy’s reply was not entirely visible in the shared image, it might be to keep his location safe as he has chosen to join the forces and would have wanted to keep his location in Kyiv a secret. It was a touching gesture by Novak and an important as well for not only Sergiy but to other Ukrainians as well who continue to hope that the war ends soon and seeing a global icon ready to help in any possible way, would have definitely boosted their spirits.

Sergiy Stakhovsky shares a photo of his ‘Guarding Angel’

Sergiy Stakhovsky

As he joins the forces on the field, Sergiy Stakhovsky has been presented with a safety vest for protection from bullets, shrapnel and any other possible object that can act as a protective layer for the safety of him as given to every soldier. The 36-year old shared a photo of his vest that had the colour of Ukraine on one of the padded shoulder straps.

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